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John Leonard (jr.) Kistler 1928 to Craig Leonard Kistler 1971

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David Kistler 1822 to John Leonard (jr.) Kistler 1928

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Unknown (Maybe Michael) Kistler to David Kistler 1822

Can you help me solve my missing link?

Missing link really starts with David Kistler, married to Christina Rebecca Studebaker - Kistler - Smallwood.
David was born December 1822 in Ohio and died April 28, 1905 in Dewitt County, Clinton, Illinois (The Clinton Register posted his obituary). David seperated from Christina (Christina's second marriage was to a John B. Smallwood ) before 1859 and then married Mary Jane Kious.

David had his first 8 children with Christina Rebecca Studebaker: #1 Nancy Catherine Kistler - Married James Gibson; #2 John Wilhelm Kistler - Married to Sarah Malone; #3 George Washington Kistler; #4 William Kistler - Married to Nancy Fulbright; #5 Elizabeth Louisa Kistler - Married to Thomas Budd; #6 Hannah Elizabeth Kistler - Married to John william cornett; #7 Mary E. Kistler - Married to Mr. Embry; and #8 Sarah Louise Kistler - Married to Mr. Embry.

David had the next 7 children with Mary Jane Kious: #1 Abraham Lincoln Kistler; #2 Malinda Adelia Kistler - married to Mr. Scribner; #3 Laura Mau Kistler - maybe married to a Charles b. Palmer; #4 Olive Silve kistler - Married to Mr. Cobb; #5 William Sherman kistler; #6 unknown Kistler, and #7 unknown Kistler.

Carolyn Buttolph gives this explanation that she admits has a few holes in it.

Carolyn K. Buttolph, (Wallace Grover6, Jonathan5, Daniel4, Jonathan3, Philip2, Johan Georg1 ), resides in Oakton, VA. > Carolyn places her extensive work "Kistler Family History" at the Berks Co. Historical Society Library in Reading, PA. She will also be sending updates to this web site as she completes each one. Her existing paper has been and will be incorporated in the data shown on this site. She uses a Alphabetical code format that is very easily followed and you will see her code references in the notes shown here. She can be contacted by email at >

MAC...David - Rev. 3/1/2000 - previously shown as David X003 under "Unrelated Families" Thanks to legal action taken by the heirs of Jacob (MA), we are able to determine conclusively that David (of Wabash county, IN) is his son.

Unfortunately, Census data does not help us to identify David any further. Census records of 1840 for Marion County, OH, show an entry for David Kistler, living alone, between the ages of 15-20. But there is nothing to conclusively tie this entry to David (MAC). Further, there is no record of David in the 1850 Census records for Marion county.

The legal action in 1845 which contested the will of Jacob (MA) identified David as residing in Wabash county, IN. Davidís brother, Stephen (MAB), also lived in Wabash county. Another brother, Joseph (MAJ), moved to Wabash county sometime before 1850. And still another brother, John (MAA), lived in nearby Cass county, IN.

There is an intriguing entry in the marriage records for Cass county, IN, showing that on 10/17/1843 David Kistler married Christiana Studybaker (refer to the Indiana State Library Genealogy Division, Indiana Marriages Through 1850). This raises the possibility that David (MAC) moved from Marion county, OH, in the early 1840s, that he settled in Cass county, IN, near his brother John (MAA), and that he then married and moved to Wabash county. Of course, this scenario is all conjecture.

The problem with this scenario is that David who married Chirstiana Studybaker in 1843 is shown by subsequent Census records to have been born in December 1822 which is a rather late date for Jacob (MA) and his wife to have had children. Jacob would have been about 57 and his wife about 50.

For more information about David, husband of Christiana Studybaker, refer to the entry for X003. It seems more likely that David (X003) is a grandson of Jacob (MA). Indeed, David (X003) may be the son of John (MAA) who resided in Cass county where David was married.

The below is what might be the rest of the tree.

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David Kistler 1822 to Georg Fenner notar (Kustler) Kistler

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Georg Fenner notar (Kustler) Kistler to Offenbar Hans (Kustler) Kistler 1595

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Offenbar Hans (Kustler) Kistler 1595 to Peter (Kustler) Kistler, The First 1420

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