AG                          Barbara

                Mary Bell Lontz, writing in Our German, Pilgrim and Quaker Ancestors, shows Barbara, born about 1747, married (---) Brobst and then Michael Moser.  JER baptismal records show that in 1781, Philip and Barbara Brobst were godparents to a child of Jacob (AE).  In 1796. JER baptismal records show that Michael Moser and Barbara were godparents to a child of Samuel (AF)


AH                          Dorothea

                BCGS shows Maria Dorothea was born 5/1756 and married George Michael Reinhardt.  She died 2/19/1816.

                Microfilm records of children baptized by Rev. Daniel Schumacher from 1754 to 1774 show that Maria Dorothea, three weeks old, was baptized 4/4/1756; her parents are listed as Jurg Kustler, elder in the Congregation at Allemaengel, and his wife Maria Dorothea.


AI                            Elizabeth

                BCGS shows that Elizabeth was born about 1753 and married Heinrich Keller (possibly Philip Heinrich Keller).


AJ                            John Henry

                BCGS shows that John Herny was born 12/1758.  He died young.


AK                          Not Used






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