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Kistler Genealogy

The following information was given to me by Carl Lehman.

My name is Carl A. Lehman. My paternal grandmother was a Kistler.
   Mary A. [Kistler] Lehman (B: 1850; Father: Samuel Brobst Kistler;
Mother: Catharine Greenawald)  She married my grandfather, John S. Lehman
on December 7, 1876. at Lordstown, Trumbull County, Ohio. John S. Lehman, was born in Columbiana, Ohio.

   I am including an undated family photo of the John S. Lehman/Mary A.
[Kistler] Lehman family.  My father is the youngster seated between his
two parents.  His DOB was April 8, 1893, so judging by his age in the
photo (perhaps 12 or 14?), this photo was probably taken between 1905
and 1907.  

   The individuals in the photo are:

Front Row: (left to right)

       Mary A. [Kistler] Lehman  (my grandmother)
       Adin Floyd Lehman         (my father)
       John S. Lehman            (my grandfather)
Back Row: (left to right)

       Cora Lehman               (aunt)
       Samuel Leslie Lehman      (uncle) 
       Harvey Christian Lehman   (uncle)
       Henry Arden Lehman        (uncle)
       Gertrude Lehman           (aunt)

I thought that perhaps someone in the Kistler family might be interested
in this Lehman family portrait since my grandmother was a Kistler.

Here is photo of Eli Harmon Kistler, who was a younger brother of my paternal grandmother, Mary A. [Kistler] Lehman. It was handed down to Mary's daughter, Cora [Lehman] Eifert (my aunt), who in turn, handed it down to her daughter, Dorothy [Eifert] Robinson. It is undated and the name on the back of the photo reads "Harmon Kistler", but I am certain that it is the "Eli Harmon Kistler" who was one of my grandmother's younger brothers. The address of the photo studio that took the picture is: Webb & Porter Artistic Portraits, 122 W. Federal St., Youngstown, OH. images/Harmon_Kistler.jpg CARL A. LEHMAN, D.D.S. COLONEL, USAF DC (Retired) Phone: (785) 628-6039