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Kistler Genealogy

The following information was given to me by Mary Bulleit Cunningham.

I've attached a photo of the John Joseph Bulleit family. J. J. was married to Harriet Ellen Kistler until her death in 1906. images/JJ_harrietkistler_bulleitfamily.jpg

The children are: Top Row: Victor J. Bulleit, Edward Sherman Bulleit, F.A. (Ame) Bulleit Middle: John Joseph Bulleit, Harriet Ellen Kistler Bulleit Bottom Row: (not sure of the order - Mary and Rosabelle might be reversed) Mary Emma Bulleit (Bender), Blanche Ellen Bulleit (Christley), Guy Augustus Bulleit, Rosabelle Bulleit (Gwartney)

The following family tree has no current proof and Mary is asking for help on anyone that can give her help with it. Apparently on the old kistler-genealogy page there had been some information posted linking to this family.
	 Peter Kistler (b. c 1420)
Hans Kistler (b. 1560 ) Burgomaster of Aarburg
Daniel Kistler (b. 1584) town clerk of Aarburg
Hans Jakob Kistler (b. 1610)
George Kistler (b. 1639  d. 1708)
Hans Rudolph Kistler (b. 1670) Switz.
John George Kistler - Palatinate Ger. to America in 1737  (d. 1767) in French and Indian War
married Anna Dorthea
Philip Kistler (b. Oct. 19, 1745 PA - d. Aug. 28, 1809) in Revolutionary War
married Christina
Jacob Kistler (b. April 1, 1765-Berks Co. PA) died in Ohio- was in War of 1812
married Catherine Rothrock
Jacob Rothrock Kistler (b. 1813 in Ohio d. 1898 in New Albany Indiana)
married Mary Elizabeth Gruber (b.1808 d. 1865 in Laconia, Indiana)
Harriet  E. Kistler (b. Mar. 30, 1845 d. Mar. 14, 1905 in Newton Kansas) buried in Corydon, Indiana
married John Joseph Bulleit May 7, 1867
That brings us to my grandfather, Guy Augustus Bulleit
shrimpie@bellatlantic.net Mary Bulleit Cunningham (Granddaughter of Guy Augustus Bulleit)